Hotspot General


Issues pertaining to syncing, pairing, or undiagnosed inactivity may be hotspot-related.



  • Validator Connection
  • SD Malfunction 
  • SD Failure
  • Other Hardware Failure

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When setting up your hotspot, bear in mind the operating temperatures of our hotspots and your router. Be sure to protect from direct sun or extreme temperatures. Vent fans in enclosures encourage moisture, be mindful of your environment if you choose to do so. Electronics are prone to static beneath 30% humidity and moisture damage above 50%. Staying between these boundaries can extend the life of your hardware by years. We strongly recommend using a temperature/humidity sensor to monitor electronics enclosures.


Light Activity: see “SD / Diagnostics


The Raspberry Pi and the ethernet port on your hotspot are equipped with lights to help indicate activity. In normal operations, there should be a red light illuminated on the antenna end of your hotspot and flashing yellow and green light by the ethernet input if you're on ethernet. If you see a green light on the back of your hotspot, you're likely experiencing an SD card issue.


SD Malfunction: see “SD / Diagnostics