Troubleshooting Bluetooth Pairing Issues

Why is Pairing Used?

In order to onboard your Hotspot or update the WiFi network settings, you will need to Bluetooth pair the Hotspot with an app such as the Helium Wallet App or Helium Hotspot Utility App.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Pairing

In the app being used to pair with your Hotspot, grant permissions for Bluetooth when requested. This is necessary to pair with your Hotspot.

To put the Hotspot into Bluetooth pairing mode, you simply need to press the Bluetooth pairing button on your Hotspot once. The button can be found on the side of the Hotspot next to the USB-C power port. After pressing the button, attempt to pair with your app of choice.

If the Hotspot does not appear in the list when scanning for Bluetooth enabled Hotspots, repeat the process and ensure you search for the Hotspot quickly as Bluetooth pairing mode is only active temporarily after the button press.

Should the Hotspot still not appear, unplug power from the Hotspot for 30 seconds and then plug power back in. Give the Hotspot at least 30 seconds to boot, and then try searching again in the app. Upon power up, the Hotspot will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode for a short duration.

If still unable to pair with your Hotspot, try using a different mobile device to rule out device issues and/or possible incompatibilities.

If you're still unable to detect the Hotspot, there may be a firmware or SD card issue. In this case, refer to our article on SD Card Issues for assistance with resolving this.