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Validators run consensus programs, challenge hotspots to send beacons, and add blocks to the Helium blockchain. They're responsible for a lot of work, so occasionally, hotspot issues are caused by a failed executable "back of house," if you will. You can take a look at your hotspot's activity by running the command below on this website.


To check when the last time a hotspot was reactivated by a validator using the Helium ETL, select “Native Query” and then paste this, replacing "HOTSPOTADDRESSHERE" with the hotpot’s address.


ie- “1135bXFixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEctv8DwNZ56Efy”

SELECT a.block, a.hash, a.validator
SELECT a.time, a.hash, a.block, json_array_elements_text(a.fields::json->'reactivated_gws') AS gateway, a.fields->>'address' AS validator
FROM public.transactions a
WHERE a."type" = 'validator_heartbeat_v1' AND a.block > 1350665
) as a


This information helps determine your hotspot's activity relative to a validator and offers the peace of mind of confirming things are going smoothly behind the scenes. If you're having trouble, open a tech support ticket. See "Get Help!"



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