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The SD card in your hotspot is a consumable, wearable, user-replaceable part.


In the event your hotspot experiences a disk failure, mining will cease unexpectedly, and you may see a green light on the back of the hotspot, blinking or illuminated. Run a Bluetooth diagnostic to check your disk status. If your diagnostic shows an SD-related error, you'll need to reformat or replace your SD card. 


Reformat SD card: An overwrite format is recommended when reusing an SD card

Download SD Card Formatter and perform an 'Overwrite' format of the SD card inside the hotspot before flashing. Failure to do so may leave some encrypted data behind, negatively affecting the firmware installation.      


New SD card: see "Firmware"



We strongly recommend using a high-speed USB plug-in SD card reader rather than the onboard SD reader built into your computer or laptop. The article below details the process for replacing your SD.  Use Balena Etcher to flash, following the instructions in the guide.


I need to replace the microSD card on my hotspot


Infrequently, hotspots may experience technical malfunction beyond the scope of troubleshooting. In the event your hotspot experiences this sort of failure, you will be eligible for a replacement in the instance you are the original owner, purchased the hotspot from the MNTD. website, and received it within the last 6 months. Please open a support ticket on Discord, and we'll work through all the possibilities and acquire evidence of your issue to assist with your return. 


SD Card Upgrade Kit

The SD card we provide is flashed and ready to be inserted into your hotspot. So long as you've got power and Ethernet connectivity, the hotspot will automatically fetch the latest firmware, hotspot core, and snapshot. Your Wi-Fi data is stored on your SD card, so after you replace it, you'll need to use Helium Hotspot Utility to reconfigure your Wi-Fi credentials. 





Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing allows you to run diagnostics and connect your hotspot to Wi-Fi. Press the Bluetooth button located on the side of your hotspot, being sure it is connected to a power source. If you cannot connect to your hotspot through the Helium App, try using Helium Hotspot Utility. It's normal to experience an inability to pair with Bluetooth after installing an SD card or setting up a new hotspot. The hotspot takes around 10 minutes to boot fully. Diagnostics performed after that time have greater accuracy.


Helium Hotspot Utility

This lightweight app will allow you to pair using Bluetooth to run a diagnostic or reconfigure your Wi-Fi.





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