MNTD. Quickstart

What’s in the Box?

Create a Wallet

  1. Installation
  2. Helium Wallet App Features
    • Supports up to 10 accounts
    • Shows ledger balance
    • Includes an address book
    • Facility to verify Helium identity
    • Options for token lock-up for voting and staking rewards
    • Supports payments to multiple recipients
    • Allows claiming tokens from Hotspots
    • Transfer NFTs representing Hotspot ownership
    • Swap MOBILE and IOT Tokens into HNT
    • Update Hotspot locations.
  3. Seed Phrase
    • A 24-word seed phrase is generated, which is crucial for account access.
    • This phrase is irreplaceable and confidential.


For security reasons, avoid storing screenshots of the seed phrase.

  1. Importing Existing Accounts
    • For the 12-word seed phrase: Tap the 12 Word button and enter your phrase.
    • For the 24-word seed phrase: Tap the 24 Word button and enter your phrase.
    • For Ledger: Select the Ledger option and follow the prompts.

Hotspotty Connect Installation

  • Hotspotty Connect is essential for onboarding and managing Hotspot settings and network performance.
  • For installation, refer to the Hotspotty Connect Documentation.

Hotspot Setup

  1. Unbox and set up the Hotspot without connecting to power.
  2. Connect the antenna and Ethernet cable.


Do not power the device if any antenna port has been left open to avoid potential damage to the Hotspot.

  1. Power on the Hotspot by connecting the power adapter.
  2. Onboard the Hotspot using the Hotspotty Connect App or Helium Wallet App (Collectables Tab - Connect a Hotspot).

Begin Mining

  1. You can check the activity of your Hotspot through the Hotspotty Connect App.
  2. Alternatively, you can use Moken Explorer to monitor your Hotspot.  

Redeem your IOT tokens

On the Helium Wallet app, click on the collectables tab and claim your daily rewards.


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