MNTD. Quickstart

What’s in the box

  • Hotspot
  • Antenna
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Seed Phrase Leaflets (3x)

1 Download MNTD. Mobile App  

Open, and proceed with prompts.

2 Create Wallet/Account, after following the prompts to install the Helium app 

Helium App - iPhone 

Helium App - Android 

Open, and proceed with prompts.

3 Safely record your Seed Phrase 

Write down your 12-words on the leaflets provided. Keep them in a safe place. 

4 Unbox Hotspot

Carefully remove your new hardware from the case. Unbox your antenna and cable. Do not connect power yet. Extra SD?*

5 Connect Antenna

Remove the cover from your antenna port and attach the antenna.

6 Connect Ethernet

Attach an Ethernet cable from your Modem / Router to your hotspot. 

No Ethernet? See step 10 Wireless Instructions. 

7 Connect Power

Plug in your hotspot, and allow it to fully boot and begin connecting to the Helium network. 

We suggest starting a timer for 1 hour and returning to this task after that time.

8 Download Helium Hotspot UTILITY

If ethernet is unavailable, use this app to configure WiFi. It also allows Bluetooth pairing for diagnostics if the MNTD. or Helium App cannot pair. (This is normal during onboarding.)

Helium Hotspot Utility



9 Create a Discord Account

Create a discord account, or log in and join the RAKStars Discord. Stay informed with our announcements, connect with hotspot owners, open a ticket with Tech Support, and much more.

*Goldspot? We’ve got a Discord just for you!

10 Wireless Instructions

After your hotspot has fully booted, click the Bluetooth pairing button. Open Helium Hotspot Utility and Scan for Hotspots, and select your hotspot. Click Configure to add your Wi-Fi credentials. Proceed with the following steps once your hotspot has an internet connection and has paired via Bluetooth. 

11 Add Hotspot

Open the MNTD. App and select in the top-right, read the guide/diagnostics disclaimer, and power up your hotspot. 


Click “Scan for your hotspot” and proceed with the prompts on the screen.

Having trouble onboarding?*

12 Begin Mining

Let the minting begin!


It may take a couple of days to see your first activity.


*EXTRA SD? Onboard Error? Goldspot VIP? Any other questions? Learn all you need to know and more here!


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