How to Update Hotspot Location


In order to update your Hotspot's location, you will need a few things:

  • The Helium Wallet app - download for Android or Apple iOS.
  • Access to the wallet that owns your Hotspot's NFT.
  • $10 USD worth of HNT or Data Credit (DC) tokens in the wallet to pay the location assertion fee (if your Hotspot has already been onboarded previously).

Funding Your Wallet

Purchase and Deposit or Transfer from Other Wallet

Updating your Hotspot's location requires a fee of $10 USD paid in Helium Data Credits (DCs). If your wallet holds no DC balance, $10 USD worth of HNT balance in your wallet will automatically be burned and converted to the required DCs for the location update transaction.

📝Note: Newly onboarded Hotspots include their first location assertion for free as part of the prepaid onboarding fees.

If you have HNT tokens in another wallet, you can transfer the required $10 USD worth of tokens to your Hotspot wallet. You can also purchase HNT tokens from a reputable exchange of your choice and withdraw them to your Hotspot wallet.

You also have the option to transfer or purchase and deposit Solana (SOL) coins to your Hotspot wallet which can then be swapped to HNT using the process in the next section.

To transfer HNT or SOL to your Hotspot wallet:

  • Open the Helium Wallet app.
  • On the main tab, tap the Wallet Address above the $ balance field in the center of the screen to copy your wallet's address.
    • 3.png
  • In the source wallet or exchange interface, enter your Hotspot wallet's address as the destination for funds - double-check the entire address has been pasted correctly.
  • Follow the process outlined by your wallet or exchange provider to specify the token amount and send the transaction.
  • Wait for the tokens to show up in your Hotspot wallet - this typically takes under 1 minute.

⚠️Warning: Using the Helium Wallet app's "Deposit" function and scanning the QR code can result in lost funds. This function generates a QR code for a paystring used for other Helium Wallet app users, and is not a traditional crypto wallet QR code.


You can deposit all Solana tokens (SOL, HNT, IOT, MOBILE, etc) to your Hotspot wallet using the same wallet address, as they are all held by the same one wallet.

Swap Tokens

To swap SOL or any other Solana-based token to HNT inside the Helium Wallet app:

  • Open the Helium Wallet app.
  • On the main screen, tap the wallet selector at the top of the screen and select the appropriate wallet if there are multiples in the app.
    • 2.png
  • On the main tab, tap the Swap button.
    • 5.png
  • In the "You Pay" section, select SOL (or any other token, such as IOT or MOBILE if desired). In the "You Receive" section, select HNT. Enter the amount of SOL to sell for HNT - it is recommended to set the swap for a bit more than the $10 USD to account for fees. When ready, tap the Swap Tokens button.
    • 6.png

📝Note: In order to see how much SOL is equivalent to $10 USD at the time you're swapping, you can use a site like CoinMarketCap. Scroll down to the "SOL to USD Converter" section and enter the desired amount in the USD field - the SOL field will automatically update to the appropriate amount.


  • Review the swap details. When ready, tap the Approve button.
    • 7.png
  • You will be presented with a "Swapping your tokens..." screen while the swap takes place. It's recommended to stay on this screen until the swap is confirmed.
    • 8.png
  • When completed, you will be presented with a "Tokens swapped!" screen. Tap the X at the top right corner to return to the main app screen.
    • 9.png
  • On the main app screen, wait a minute or two for the network to update, then swipe downwards to refresh your token balances. Confirm the HNT balance has updated.
    • 10.png11.png

Updating Hotspot Location

To update your Hotspot's location:

  • Tap on the Hotspots icon at the bottom of the screen. Ensure you're on the Hotspots tab, then tap on the Hotspot you'd like to update location for.
    • 12.png
  • On the "Hotspot Detail" screen, tap the Manage button.
    • 13.png
  • From the list, select Assert Location.
    • 14.png
  • Provide the app with Location permissions if requested. This is required for location assertions.
  • On the "Assert Location" screen, tap the person icon towards the bottom left of the map to move the pin to your phone's current location. You can also tap the magnifying glass icon and type in an address, or drag the pin on the map to set the location. Once you're satisfied with the new location, tap Assert Location.
    • 15.png
⚠️ WARNING - Location must be accurately asserted or you risk your Hotspot ending up on the Helium Denylist which will prevent token earnings.
  • If your Hotspot is capable of mining on multiple Helium Subnetworks (IOT, MOBILE, etc) you will be presented with an option to choose which subnetwork location you'd like to assert. Tap the appropriate network.
    • 16.png
  • On the "Antenna Setup (Optional) screen, enter your Hotspot's antenna details. If the details have not changed, leave the prepopulated existing data. When ready, tap Assert Location.
    • 17.png
  • Review the transaction details for the automatic burn of HNT into DCs required for the location assertion. When ready, tap Approve.
    • 18.png
  • Review the transaction details for the burning of DC to pay for the location assertion. When ready, tap Approve.
    • 19.png
  • Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a "Successfully Asserted Location!" confirmation message.
    • 20.png
  • Your Hotspot's location has now been submitted to the blockchain. Please allow up to an hour for Explorer data to reflect the new location information.