How to Onboard Your Hotspot

Creating a Helium Wallet

Downloading the App

  • Download the official Helium Wallet app for your mobile device.
Helium Wallet for Android Helium Wallet for iOS

Creating a Wallet

  • Tap Get Started.


  • Tap Create a new Wallet.
⚠️ NOTE - if you have an existing Helium wallet, you can import it instead by tapping Import a Wallet.


  • Tap Create a Wallet.


  • Write down your 24-word seed phrase.
⚠️ WARNING - be sure to back up your seed, if lost the Hotspot and its mining rewards will be gone forever!


  • Tap I have written these down.


  • Confirm all 24 words by tapping them in the order they appeared.


  • Enter a name for the wallet and tap the forward arrow to confirm.


  • Set a 6-digit PIN code to secure your wallet.


  • You will be placed in your new empty wallet.


Preparing the Hotspot

Flashing the Firmware

If the Hotspot was originally purchased more than three months ago (or if purchased from a reseller) it may have issues with automatically updating to the latest firmware. In this case, please flash the SD card of the Hotspot with the latest firmware by following the procedure outlined here.

Connecting the Hotspot

  • Take the Hotspot to the location where it will be installed, but do not complete the final mounting steps yet. Hotspot location must be asserted properly at the time of onboarding or the discrepancy may trigger the Hotspot to be placed on Helium's Denylist.
  • Do not connect power to the Hotspot yet. This will be completed in a future step.
  • Connect the Hotspot's antenna.
⚠️ WARNING - An antenna must be connected to the Hotspot prior to powering it on to avoid potential damage to the LoRa concentrator module.
  • If using Ethernet, connect the Ethernet cable to the Hotspot.

Onboarding with Hotspotty Connect

Downloading the App

  • Download Hotspotty Connect for your mobile device and link your Helium Wallet.
Hotspotty Connect for Android Hotspotty Connect for iOS

Adding the Hotspot

  • At the home screen, tap the + button to add a Hotspot.


  • Tap MNTD./RAK.


  • Connect the Hotspot power adapter. Once powered on, tap I am Powered Up.


  • Agree to the Hotspotty diagnostics terms by tapping I Understand.


Pairing via Bluetooth

  • Pair with the Hotspot via Bluetooth. Press the Bluetooth button on the Hotspot to initiate Bluetooth pairing mode. Pairing mode will also be active for 5 minutes after powering on the Hotspot. To pair, tap Scan for my Hotspot.
⚠️ NOTE - Contrary to the Hotspotty app messaging, most MNTD. and RAK Hotspots will have a black button on the side of the unit for Bluetooth pairing.


  • Wait for the Bluetooth scan to complete.


  • If no Hotspots are found, press the Bluetooth pairing button again or power off and on the Hotspot, then re-scan. If still not able to pair, try the following troubleshooting steps:
    • Ensure your mobile device is within Bluetooth range of the Hotspot - typically under 9 meters/30 feet.
    • Turn your mobile device's Bluetooth setting off and back on and try again.
    • Restart your mobile device and try again.


  • When found, tap the Hotspot to continue.


Establishing a Network Connection

  • Scan for the appropriate Wi-Fi network by tapping Scan Networks. If using Ethernet, tap Use Ethernet Instead.


  • Select the appropriate Wi-Fi network by tapping on it, and enter the password when prompted.


Setting the Hotspot Location

  • Allow location permissions for the Hotspotty app which will be required to set the Hotspot location accurately.


  • Set the correct location for the Hotspot on the map by dragging the pin until accurate then tapping Set Location and Go Next.
⚠️ WARNING - Location must be accurately asserted or you risk your Hotspot ending up on the Helium Denylist which will prevent IOT earnings.


Setting the Antenna Information

  • Set the antenna information by selecting RAK Hotspot Miner from the dropdown if using the included stock antenna, or selecting Custom Antenna if using an aftermarket antenna.
  • Enter the antenna gain (the default value of 2.8dBi will be entered by default when selecting the stock antenna).
  • Enter the height in meters at which the antenna is mounted.
  • When done, tap Next.
⚠️ WARNING - Antenna information must be set correctly or you risk your Hotspot ending up on the Helium Denylist which will prevent IOT earnings.


Signing the Onboarding Transaction

  • The initial location assertion fee of $10 and onboarding fee of $40 are both prepaid. If the information is correct, tap Register Hotspot.


  • Wait for the Registering Hotspot screen to automatically advance.


  • The Helium Wallet app will automatically open.


  • Confirm all information is correct and tap Confirm to sign the onboarding transaction.


  • Success! Your Hotspot is now onboarded and should be shown in your wallet and on the Helium Explorer shortly.
  • Enter your email to claim a Hotspotty test coupon or tap Close to finish.


  • Finish mounting the Hotspot in its final location if applicable.