Getting Started

How do I open a tech support ticket?

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Open a RAKStars Support Ticket

Please provide us with your hotspot's name and a recent Bluetooth diagnostic report via screenshot or copy-paste from the email prepared by hitting "send report."


Is the hotspot ready to plug in, or do I need to flash the card first?

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The hotspot arrives ready to go out of the box (the SD card is installed). Simply connect the antenna and power via the included adapter.

If you receive an additional SD card, see "SD card upgrade kit."


How long before my hotspot is earning?

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This can depend on your area. Hotspots need to “see” one another to perform proof of coverage. The more hotspots around yours, the more often it will have the opportunity to witness a beacon or receive witnesses from beacons sent. Upon providing your hotspot with power and internet, your hotspot will begin seeking to connect to a validator. 

The length of time this process takes is impacted by your internet speed and several other network factors that can make determining an ETA on activity difficult. Sometimes a hotspot is mining within a couple of hours of plugging it in, but sometimes it can take a week or more. In most cases, it's just a couple of days before we see our new hotspots proving their coverage and earning $HNT on the Helium blockchain.