How do I improve my transmitting scale?

Your transmit scale reflects the density of hotspots within your area based on the limitations of your various hexagon resolutions. When considering your transmission scale, bear in mind that the primary impact of your transmission scale is the size of the reward given to the hotspots that witness your beacons. Your earnings are determined by the quantity and transmission scale of the beacons you witness. The only way to increase your transmit scale is to move the hotspot to an area where there are fewer hotspots. (In real life, not just on the map.) This incentivizes unique hotspot placement that promotes optimized network growth. 1.0 transmission scales are great for the network, however from the perspective of a single hotspot, in order to maximize earnings:


You want to see 1.0 more than be 1.0


To counter the effects of being in an area with low transmit scales, we recommend that you improve your hotspot's antenna setup so it can witness beacons of hotspots located further away that might have higher transmit scales.


Can I use more than one hotspot at a location?

Short answer: No.


Why not? 

The way the Helium network was designed promotes unique Hotspot placement by providing better rewards to hotspots that provide more meaningful network coverage. Doing so, you can expect reduced rewards and risk getting added to the Helium Denylist.


The Helium Denylist is an open-source list created and maintained by the Helium community used to block hotspots proven to be manipulating the network to increase their rewards via spoofing their location or otherwise. Not to mention being generally ill-regarded by the Helium Community. There are more than enough reasons to find a unique location for all your hotspots.


Hotspots near me seem to be making more than me.

If you'd like to optimize your earnings, you'll need to optimize the coverage you're providing. By upgrading your antenna to an outdoor one and raising it up higher or moving your hotspot to a more unique location, you will be rewarded for providing the Helium Network with more meaningful coverage. 


Why do Helium devs keep putting out updates!?

Each update that Helium implements represents a necessary fix to accommodate the longevity and success of the network. We may experience network instability while these updates level out, possibly spending some time offline. In most circumstances, hotspots will automatically come back online and begin performing proof of coverage again.


What apps and websites should I use?

Some of the most highly recommended community favorites are:


For Helium

Helium Explorer

This is Helium's main website, their primary explorer page. Here you can view the map using useful filters, like viewing by Transmission Scale or Earnings, which can help you determine a spot for a host or an off-grid. Sometimes the information on this page can be delayed and may display incorrect status or be missing recent activity. If you're looking for live data, we recommend using a site with 'ping' capabilities like Hotspotty, Helium Tracker, etc. For a clearer view of your fleet's activity.



Easily live-ping your hotspot to check its status and view transmission scales by hex resolution in a digestible format. This website allows you to view your rewards based on the transmission scale of the beacons you witness, the most accurate metric to indicate your expected rewards or determine your ROI. Furthermore, you can simulate placements and predict what a good location for placing a hotspot would be as far as earnings go.


Helium Tracker

This tool is a valuable dashboard and explorer to view data from the network updated to the moment using its own high-speed API. Live-ping your hotspot, explore top earners, and much more. Memberships are available to enable rewards notifications and enhanced monitoring features.


Hotspot Utility - Apple

Hotspot Utility - Android

You'll see this mobile app recommended quite often. It was created by one of the core software engineers at Helium and provides a lightweight platform that makes connecting with Bluetooth to run diagnostics or configure Wi-Fi a breeze, often even if the Helium app itself cannot pair.


Helium Docs

This is the home of all things Helium-related. Helium Wiki, if you will. An exhaustive archive that details the historical decision-making process of Helium and all the ins and outs of the network and its community. It may be a lot to get through, but you'll be better off after reading it. It's great to see the evolution of Helium into a global wireless revolution. 


Helium Analytics

A comprehensive collection of data about the Helium network and hotspot performance. 


Helium Board

Online tool for seeing reports on hotspots or the entire network. 


Helium Dashboard

You may be mining a while before the information available on this dashboard begins to mean anything to you. Still, this website allows you to closely monitor many technical aspects of the Helium network's goings-on.


Helium Geek

This is a versatile mobile app used for monitoring your fleet of hotspots, offering tiered memberships with additional features.


Helium HNT Wallet 

A colorful app and dashboard for viewing and managing your HNT on the helium Blockchain



This is a powerful tool created by some brilliant minds alongside the watchful eye of some Nova core developers themselves. An exciting new hotspot monitoring mobile app with an army of features and technical insight making monitoring your hotspot fleet exciting and intuitive.


Helium Console

This console is used to set up end-devices on the Helium network, the most exciting aspect of Helium's future. An example would be WisNode TrackIt, a device RAKwireless offers that can easily integrate with the Helium Console.
Check out more available sensors and walkthroughs created by the Helium community using the Awesome-Helium Github.


Awesome Helium

This Github Repository is a crash course on all things Helium-related. Compiled by a great community of contributors, it will get you started mining, using sensors, or help you hone your knowledge about what makes the network tick and how to make it work best for you.

Recommendations within this recommendation: view their list of suggested dashboards and explorers!


The Gristle King 

Online Helium community and archive of Helium resources, walkthroughs, news, and other helpful articles created by Nik Hawkes (voted Helium's most valuable community member in 2021) to make hotspot owners self sufficient in their quest for understanding. Join this growing community of Helium mining enthusiasts, known as the "Gristle Crüe," to attend lectures/meetings to help broaden your knowledge-base and community network.


For Crypto/Blockchain


Anyone seeking a deeper-than-fundamental understanding of all things blockchain-related, Blockgeeks provide courses and lessons organized under tracks that ease you in, covering investment strategies, introductory coding classes, all the way to making you a hire-ready blockchain developer.



This bot-updated platform reposts articles from all over the web pertaining to Web3, Defi, NFT's, Metaverse, and many more things that directly impact the industry you're now a part of. Stay informed while being discerning about the information you absorb. Following global market trends takes the fear factor and most of the sting out of the natural market fluctuations. This may make you a more savvy investor.



Moralis is another educational suite for crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry that provides a platform that powers decentralized apps, or dapps. Designed to empower the next generation of developers with an end-to-end development platform that allows developers to focus on the front-end while handling all of the back-end. A highly recommended resource for beginner and advanced developers.


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