How do I know what antenna connectors I need?

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That depends on the hotspot; the stock connection on a MNTD. hotspot is a Female RP-SMA, meaning the connection to your hotspot will be made with a Male RP-SMA.


Should I use a filter for my antenna?

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Our hotspots are equipped with a SAW filter narrowly tuned to your region. Odds are, an additional filter will hinder more than help. In the unique circumstance that your hotspot is located very near a cell tower (i.e. beneath), you may benefit from a narrow bandwidth filter, which can help reduce the noise that may be negatively impacting your RX/TX.

Recently cavity filters and amplifiers have risen in popularity- These may negatively impact your signal and reduce activity. Use at your own risk. 

Why is my hotspot not sending beacons?

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Beacons are submitted randomly over the network. Validators submit challenges on behalf of hotspots, and the way these beacons are performed is incalculable and immutable. The best way to ensure you beacon as often as possible is by leaving your hotspot plugged in and connected to the internet.


Why do I have 0 witnesses?

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If your beacons are typically witnessed, and you experience only an occasional 0-witness beacon, your hotspot is likely functioning properly. There are a handful of reasons regarding the way witness receipts are reported that can rarely but occasionally lead to a 0-witness beacon. The issue is Helium network-related and isn't technically resulting in the loss of any reward since no proof of coverage was provided to the network.


1- Updating Hotspot Settings in the Helium app will reset your '7 Day Average Beacons' and the list of hotspots that witnessed your beacon, your 'Total Witnessed,' a 72-hour metric. 

2- Location/Inactivity could result in Helium Explorer displaying 0 witnesses. Your 'Total Witnessed' list is a rolling 3-day window. As periods of inactivity roll through that window, it's normal to see this number fluctuate. Antennas that are poorly placed, poorly grounded, or indoors may experience long streaks of 0 witnesses. Learn how to set up your antenna properly "here." 

3- Antenna Malfunction/Failure is a less common cause but could be why your beacons aren't being witnessed. Learn more about antenna troubleshooting. “Antenna”.