I ordered a RAK hotspot from Cal-Chip why are you now selling as MNTD?

Distributors order from RAK directly and re-sell the units they purchase. RAK has fulfilled all orders made by distributors. However, we don’t have control over their operations — this includes their pricing, how many Hotspots they allow per order, the number of pre-orders they accept from their own customers, and whether or not that number exceeds what they have ordered from us.


RAK has always believed that customers should be offered fair prices and timely deliveries, with no delays due to pre-orders. We also believe that purchases in an order should be limited to ensure everyone gets a chance to be a part of #ThePeoplesNetwork.


While distributorship is common in consumer electronics, we wanted to be able to ensure a smoother experience for our customers — to give 100% focus to the people. This is why we created MNTD. As for distributors, RAK will continue to work with them for commercial orders and shall continue to fulfill their orders in the same timely manner that we do with MNTD.