My order was cancelled, but I don't understand why?

In rare and extreme cases we maybe need to cancel orderdue to ANY or ALL of the following reason/s:

  • Suspicious multiple payment attempts
  • Non-matching customer or bank information
  • Bank fraud rules blocked the transaction

Particularly, our anti-fraud settings had to be heightened as this is a requirement from card processors.

We appreciate your interest and hope you can get your hotspot in the next batches to come out.

We believe that you understand that this type of product is super requested by businesses or people wanting to bulk order. MNTD is directed to the ordinary customer to allow them to be part of the people's network, so the bot protection/bulk order avoidance is at the max level.

The best way to not be flagged is to place a normal order within the permitted amount  and not try to play the system having multiple orders.