Introducing Hotspotty Connect

An all new mobile app for onboarding, managing your hotspots, Helium wallets, and much more!

Icon image provides a multitude of invaluable services and utilities to the Helium Network, offering a variety of paid membership tiers that become more alluring to those managing larger fleets, and even professional consultation services by the hour. Their team has become a centerpiece to the HNT mining community, providing innumerable resources to Helium hotspot owners and core developers since the genesis of the network. They’ve proven themselves to lead innovation in the industry releasing new features for their site every few months, and by adding the Connect app to their utility belt, Hotspotty now provides nearly every Helium related service a hotspot owner needs to get started and to be successful in their deployments.

We are pleased to be announcing an extended partnership with Hotspotty, being the first hotspot maker to collaborate so closely with the platform. We are proud to be working beside one another moving The People’s Network forward. The Hotspotty Connect app for iOS and Android will be able to access the MNTD. API’s directly and acquire hotspot stats, providing MNTD. hotspot owners maximum insight to their fleet.

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In addition, the team at Hotspotty will be giving a $10 credit to MNTD. hotspot owners so you can dig deep into the features and learn all you’d be missing out on by passing this offer up! 


Onboarding, pairing, and wallet management can now all be performed in one location. Hotspot owners from all supported manufacturers are able to pair with their hotspot directly from the app to configure Wi-Fi credentials, or run diagnostics for an in depth look into their hotspot’s connectivity.
Hotspotty Connect provides an aesthetic Wallet Analytic dashboard that enlightens Validator and Hotspot owners with an in-depth look at transaction history, rewards, payments, and DC burns, and accommodates multiple wallets to monitor your HNT transactions across several accounts.
(6-25-22: The team is nearly prepared to roll out a feature allowing you to rename your various wallets once they’ve been added, which will create a nice and tidy workspace!)

We took a good look through the app and it’s gorgeous, but surely much like the website, you can expect regular updates and improvements. For example, around July 22nd, (2022) a sleek onboard messenger will go live allowing you to communicate directly with other hotspot owners in order to orchestrate placement, swap tips, or build community in your area or afar. By verifying the wallet connected to a hotspot, Hotspotty delivers the confidence you’re speaking to the owner, that no one is speaking on your behalf, and that additional feature is likely only the beginning of what we've got to look forward to coming from their team of code-wizards!

We’re certainly only scratching the surface of this powerful interface, and strongly encourage hotspot owners to take the opportunity to learn more about this new resource. Use this powerful tool together with our own MNTD. app (iOS, Android) to get a complete 24/7 insight into your hotspot fleet's performance.


Available for free now on Apple App Store and Google Play


We hope you take the time to give this app the attention it deserves, and that it brings you a little peace of mind, and a whole lot of clarity to your mining.
Don’t forget to take advantage of the $10 credit for MNTD. owners!


Here are a couple screenshots to demonstrate the sleek finish Hotspotty Connect delivers






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