Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment (ROI) is the time it takes for a hotspot owner to recover the initial cost of the equipment plus any accessories that might have been utilized to gain an edge in earnings.


One wants the ROI time to be as short as possible, so optimizing a deployment in one of the following ways is a good starting point:

  • If you must mine at your house, place your antenna outdoors as high as possible.
  • Use HotspotRF to determine a location for a host or an off-grid (suitable for evaluating range) and cross check it via Hotspotty (determine if the location is a good one as far as reward scaling goes). See Location Optimization for details.
  • Deploy a SORMN*(Single Owned Rural Mining Network) - A collection of hotspots deployed in a rural area by a single entity, with adequate distance between them to maximize rewards scale. As rewards scaling continues to impact urban mining locations, relocating established off-grids or deploying new ones for this purpose can yield incredible rewards.

*This is the last great frontier of Helium mining! Don’t miss the opportunity to establish your own. We sell enclosure kits that can help you build your off-grid assemblies: RAK Store