Location Optimization

Location can make or break a deployment. Redundant coverage is not rewarded on the Helium network, so you’ll want to provide unique coverage for optimal rewards. It helps to do some homework before pulling the trigger on a deployment. 


Helium imposes limitations on the number of hotspots in a given area. Use Hotspotty to learn more about resolution hexagons. The Helium explorer displays the resolution of hex 8 by default, which has a limit independent from larger hexes. Hotspots in the same location will not provide unique coverage, so they will split rewards with each other. 


Hotspotty allows you to view hotspot limitations based on resolution hex size. The larger the hex, the more hotspots are permitted in the space. Knowing proper hotspot density will allow you to determine the ideal location for your deployment. You want a balance between too few hotspots, which will result in reduced Proof of Coverage (PoC) activity, and too many hotspots, which will result in reduced rewards.


HotspotRF can estimate witness count in antenna simulations that consider location and elevation. This invaluable resource can save you a lot of time by eliminating unsuitable areas from your prospective locations for a host or an off-grid deployment.


Below is an example of the process. The following example provided is on park property, and is not a potential deployment location. Always negotiate land access before making your selection.

  • View the map on Helium Explorer using the Transmission Scale filter and explorer for large areas of green, taking note of the location.

Note the orange vs. green locations


Select a location with a large volume of green hexes


  • Swap to the Earnings filter and see who’s providing the most meaningful coverage, indicated by blue hexes, taking note of the location. 


  • View the location of blue hexes using Google Earth in 3D. Note the geographical advantage of these spots, typically hills, mountains, or radio towers. Elevation alone may not guarantee better rewards. You’ll want to witness more hotspots with a 1.0 trans scale.

View from above


Select a vantage point


Select your deployment location

Try to cross check between all three and pick the one that strikes the best balance between Transmit scale, Earnings and Geo location. This will lead you to a good long term deployment location, providing you with more stable earnings, and expanding coverage in a way that is beneficial to the network as a whole.