Future of 5G


Helium has established itself as a wireless powerhouse, having implemented a bootstrapping-by-incentivization structure that has peaked the interest of more than a few telecoms, already leading to collaboration. HIP51 has enabled the opportunity for other networks to build on the Helium blockchain, using the HNT and DC burn model to incentivize their network’s participation. This is not dissimilar from Bitcoin, Solana, and Polygon for example, which all provide an open source platform on which developers can roll out their software.



The potential this generates can not be overstated. LoRa® usage for the time being represents a very small percentage of the global capital being invested in wireless, however it is one of the dominant forces between large scale adoption of IoT technologies. Opening the door to other existing, and yet to be developed, forms of wireless communication may allow the Helium network to become the skeletal structure of Web3. Consider the long term implications!


On that note, here at MNTD., we’ve been hard at work pioneering 5G systems to perform 5G Proof of Coverage and Data Transfer on the Helium network. While it is true, that 5G cellular would eventually utilize much greater bandwidth than LoRaWAN®, rewards will still be disproportionately in favor of LoRa® hotspot owners for quite some time. Furthermore as IoT relies on lower bandwidth devices it compensates with their number, so there will be a never ending demand for billions of end-nodes to be served. Nova planned for this sort of growth, and has modeled a rewards structure designed to benefit early adopters, yet take care of long term community members too. There’s no intention of leaving LoRa® behind. 



In fact, on the contrary, Helium has inadvertently created an industry of industries, a true ecosystem still expanding. Plans are already in motion to pair it with the new 5G stack (upgrade kits are soon to be offered for LoRa® Hotspots in order to add 5G capabilities). The network provides the framework around which industries yet to be developed will form. With countless sensors available, and the need to manufacture, distribute, install, maintain, and upgrade them, endless opportunities to provide essential roles in these processes exist. Software and hardware forthcoming will enable global connectivity, and will require the rails we are building to drive on! This sets the stage for an era of innovation previously unfathomable for software and hardware engineers alike. Receiving a push notification when you’ve got low tire pressure, or knowing the location of your pets or valuables at all times is an affordable reality in our future thanks to The People’s Network. In fact, they may become industry standards. 

Who knows what the brightest builders will bring over the next decade and beyond. 5G will enable taking full advantage of the enhancing data handling capabilities of the Helium Network, and we’re thrilled to be a part! Have you seen the new MNTD. 5G HNT Hotspot yet?


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