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Does the replacement SD card come pre-flashed?

See “SD / Diagnostics” 

Yes, the SD card we provide is flashed and ready to be inserted into your hotspot. So long as you've got power and Ethernet connectivity, the hotspot will automatically fetch the latest firmware, miner core, and snapshot. Your Wi-Fi data is stored on your SD card, so after you replace it, you'll need to use Helium Hotspot Utility to reconfigure your Wi-Fi credentials. 


Hotspot Utility App for iPhone 

Hotspot Utility App for Android 


I can't find my hotspot on the app.

See the “Bluetooth Pairing” section in "SD / Diagnostics"


I’m unable to run a diagnostic.

See the “Bluetooth Pairing” section in "SD / Diagnostics"


I'm unable to pair via Bluetooth.

See the “Bluetooth Pairing” section in "SD / Diagnostics"


I reflashed the card, but I'm still not mining!

See “SD / Diagnostics


It may take a few hours or even a couple of days to connect to a validator and begin mining. Before waiting it out, retrace your steps carefully and make sure you covered these key bases:

- If you used the onboard SD card reader on your computer for the reformat or flash process, try again using a high-speed Plug-in USB SD card reader. See "Hotspot"

- If you received an SD card in the mail, it was ready to go. So if you flashed the SD upon receiving it, you will need to perform an overwrite format and flash the card again. See “SD / Diagnostics

- If you are not connected to Ethernet, reconfigure your Wi-Fi. See "SD / Diagnostics"


I’m receiving an SD card error.

See “SD / Diagnostics

If you diagnose your hotspot and the "Disk" field in the report has a "Read-Only" status, your SD card needs replacement. It has run through its lifecycle (SD cards have a limited number of write cycles by design). You have two options for the new card:

  1. Buy one pre-flashed with the firmware written on it already from the RAK store
  2. Provision one yourself (SanDisk High Endurance 64GB recommended) and flash using this guide.


Why am I going inactive/offline?

See “Internet

There could be many causes. Typically it is regarding your connection to your validator. If you're on Wi-Fi, the issue is likely due to an unstable connection. We strongly recommend connecting your hotspot via Ethernet. You can run a speed test to determine internet speeds. See "Internet"


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